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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Healing Balm


I have goosebumps after reading the words that just came in as a comment from one of my readers and fellow sisters in this struggle. I couldn't resist posting it here so none of you miss it. Thank you, Pamela, for sharing these powerful words. This just brought so much peace to my heart. Your faith in our Father in Heaven hit me like a ton of bricks.

"I was thinking about the healing process & how easy it is for family & friends of a loved one who is healing, to want the recovery to be a quick one. It's also easy for the person in pain to want a quick fix too. Yet a doctor on the other hand, knows healing is a process & sometimes a slow one at that. In the natural, we'd probably never find a doctor who'd rush a patient, "hurry up & heal!" How easy it is however, for the person who is broken, to want the healing process to be instant. And often, the family & friends might want to rush the process along, because for some reason, we're so uncomfortable with suffering & broken-ness. Why that is, I don't know. I guess in an emotional & spiritual sense, we shouldn't rush the healing process either, for the Great Physician is NOT panicked by the time it takes for the healing to take place. He is fully aware of it & He understands it & He is ever the great & attentive care giver of every wounded heart. God doesn't just want to put a bandaid on the heart...He wants to be the salve...the healing balm...binding up the wounds...restoring health."

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